Welcome to Cheltenham Scouts

Who we are

Cheltenham Scouts make young people ask the big questions, have an open mind and think for themselves. Make them stick at it, think on their feet, muck in and give it a go-ers.

We’re Scouts and everyone’s welcome here. All genders, races and backgrounds.

At Scouts you get the skills you need for school, college, university, the job interview, the time you give first aid. The skills you need for life.

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What we do


4-6 Year Olds
This new section for our early years members


6-8 Year Olds
Learning new skills and making friends


8-10&1/2 Year Olds
Learning practical skills for adventures with friends


10&1/2-14 Year Olds
Exploring the community and worlds with adventurous activities


14-18 Year Olds
Take the lead, explore new challenges & make a difference


18-25 Year Olds
Inspire others developing your skills and lead others

Senior Volunteer Team

Godfrey Tarling

Our District Lead Volunteer leads the senior volunteer team and provides support to all members in the District. He supports sections through their group scout leaders, ensures that training occurs and creates opportunities for all.

David Cronk
David Cronk

Our District Youth Lead directly supports the District Lead Volunteer to ensure that they act with the views of young people in mind all of the time. They support the entire district and provides direction for young people to shape their entire Scout journey.